Precision diagnostics in knee arthroplasty.

Digital service providing orthopedic solutions in the realm of knee arthroplasty. 

About AtMoves

At AtMoves, we help orthopedic surgeons and providers precisely and non-invasively detect implant loosening in knee arthroplasty. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing solutions that address the challenges faced by orthopedic surgeons and patients alike.

Solution for Precision Diagnostics in Knee Arthroplasty

AtMoves Knee System represents an advancement in precision diagnostics for knee arthroplasty. Through a combination of advanced imaging technology and non-invasive techniques, our system enables orthopedic surgeons to detect implant loosening with unparalleled accuracy.

🚫💉 Non-Invasive Imaging

Our non-invasive imaging technology allows for precise assessment of implant stability without discomfort or inconvenience.

📊 Advanced Analytics

Our system provides real-time insights into prosthetic component movement, allowing for swift and informed decision-making.

⏰ Timely Diagnosis

Our efficient diagnostic process ensures timely intervention, minimizing patient discomfort and healthcare costs.

Expertise 🎓

Backed by years of research and expertise in orthopedic diagnostics, AtMoves is the trusted choice for precision diagnostics in knee arthroplasty.

Patient-Centric Care ❤️

Our solutions are designed to enhance patient comfort, minimize downtime, and improve overall quality of life.

Innovation 🚀

We are continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation to deliver solutions that meet the evolving needs of the orthopedic community.